Mysore style

Traditionally, the Series were taught in the so-called Mysore style. The students learn the Series position by position, but are not guided by the teacher through the sequence. The Series should be learned by heart and then practiced independently in ones own pace. The advantage is here that the students can practice by themselves in their own rhythm and on their level. The students do not passively follow the teacher's instructions, but are responsible for the intensity and length of their practice. This makes Mysore an internal practice, a meditation in motion.


The practice is performed in silence, the teacher only helps with the next position or supports the students with physically executed corrections, the so-called "adjustments". Beginners learn the sun salutations and the positions of the standing sequence. Once they have learned that, the teacher will add new positions one by one. Traditionally, one was not allowed to advance to the next position if he or she was not able to perform a position correctly. To prevent one-sidedness and boredom, I have adapted this approach and will in that case show the students a simpler version of the given position, so that he or she can practice as many positions as possible and no physical imbalance is generated.

Under the links you find pdf-files with the practice sheets of the Primary Series - Yoga Chikitsa.

  • Sun Salutation A+B
  • Standing Sequence: Triangels and Balance positions
  • 1. Series: Sitting positions A and Sitting positions 
  • Finishing Sequence: Back bends and inversions
  • Complete 1. Series 
Sun Salutation A+B
surya namaskaraAB.pdf
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Standing Sequence
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Primary Series - Sitting positions A
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Primary Series - Sitting positions B
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Finishing Sequence
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Complete Primary Series
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The specific combination of the positions in the Intermediate Series works strongly on the nervous system, so it can have a very different effects on the body than the Primary series or other dynamic yoga classes.


I edited a practice sheet according to the teaching of David Swenson, in the hope it helps practitioners to learn the sequence correctly and in detail. Remember to practice Sun Salutation A+B, the Standing Sequence and the Finishing Sequence for the second one too.


Here the sheet for the Intermediate Series - Nadi Shodana:

Intermediate Series
nadi shodana.pdf
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