My personal experience with Ashtanga Yoga is an experience of gratitude and love for this practice. I have been practicing Yoga for 20 years and have deepened the technique by becoming a Ashtanga Yoga teacher at the Mysore Mandala Shala in India. I continue my training with an intensive yoga course at the KYM in Chennai, India. I enjoyed an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with David Svenson and workshops with Manu Jois, Swarasti Jois und Sharath Jois.


I decide to write two books so that the wisdom of this practice is spread: "Ashtanga Yoga" and "Manual of Pranayamas".


I am in love with this practice, a love that has not decline over the years, but became deeper and more inclusive in my life. My physical and mental state is a wonderful example of the healing potential of Yoga. I have suffered from hernated discs, but thanks to Yoga, I never needed an operation or physio therapy,  I can continue practicing and teaching yoga with joy and enthusiasm.


Since 2012 I live in Valencia, Spain. I offer private lessons, Asthanga and Hatha Yoga classes in two studios and also yoga holidays. I have taught corporate yoga classes at the Berklee Musician College and teach also at Florida State University (FSU) in Valencia.