Libros sobre Ashtanga Yoga - en ingles y aleman

This comprehensive introduction presents the practice, theory and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. It describes in a short and concise way its historical development and philosophical background.


Ashtanga Yoga

Practice, Theory und Philosophy


by Jana A. Czipin


1. edition 2015

ISBN-13: 978-3734765421


Paperback, 132 paginas, 9,90 €

Kindle 5,99 €

Breathing exercises play an important role in the exercise of Yoga. This book gives instructions for self practice and summarizes the most important information about Pranayama.


Practice Manual Pranayama:

Breathing exercises for Yogis, free divers and pregnant women


by Jana A. Czipin


2. edition 2014

ISBN-13: 978-3848207756


Paperpack, 56 paginas, 4,99 €

Kindle 3,99 €