Intensive Week in Valencia:  2nd to 7th of January

Would you like to practice Ashtanga yoga intensively? Then sign up for this intensive week. During the first week of January you can practice a yoga class on six day in the morning  and/or attend the talks about Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga is a style that quickly strengthens and shapes the body. We like to practice a series of asanas every day and, through the dynamic sequences and the accompanying breathing rhythm, this way we can concentrate completely on yoga. There is no time to reflect, worry and have negative thoughts. This has a profound calming effect on the mind and soul.

The positions do not always have to be immediately perfect. The main goal of Ashtanga Yoga it to teaches you to be happier with yourself. In addition, individual care by the yoga teacher is an important aspect, since she/he corrects and improves the position of each student. Last but not least, Ashtanga Yoga shows that yoga is an incredibly versatile field in which you can build a new relationship with yourself.


During the intensive week, we will do a yoga practice for six consecutive days. Every morning from 9.30-11h we practice asanas with emphasis on the First Series of Ashtanga Yoga. After a half-hour break, we continue with the theory classes. One hour we study the concept, philosophy and history of Asthanga Yoga. The second lesson is aimed primarily at people who are thinking about doing a yoga teacher training. We learn about the theory of asanas, pranayama and meditation, class planning and the requirements of the profession.


Intense full week: 6 consecutive days, total 21h, 9.30-13.30h, 160, - €)

Daily practice: 6 classes, 9h, module 1 (only this part price: € 60)

Talks about Philosophy, ethics and history: 6 classes, 6h, module 3 (only this part price: € 55)

Lectures on Profession theory: 6 classes, 6h, module 4 (only this part price: € 55)


Next intensiv week: February 1st - 6th


Talk about Philosophy, Ethics and History

What exactly is Ashtanga Yoga, how did it arise and what moral and ethical ideas does this style of yoga convey? These questions are addressed in this course.

We also talk about the main yoga books that describe the philosophical foundations of this philosophy of life, but also provide advice and suggestions on how to practice properly, what is useful and supportive in the path of yoga and what obstacles arise or can block us . Yoga literature includes Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and much more.


Talk about the Profession Yoga teacher

Yoga teachers use this discipline to help improve the physical and mental health of people. Yoga consists in performing simple movements and positions, as well as in the application of breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. In addition, it improves physical fitness, flexibility and relieves stress. It also has therapeutic aspects, which are used to improve specific diseases or pathologies.

To work as a yoga teacher, it is important to study these aspects in depth, since an incorrect treatment could harm or harm a student. In this talk we will talk about the theory of Asanas and Pranayamas, how to plan yoga classes, improve teaching, knowledge of anatomy and we will approach therapeutic yoga. Aspects about the development of the general profession will also be discussed: how to advertise, social networks, marketing, etc.